1. Grounding Cord and Golden Sun

grounding cord
grounding cord

Welcome to The Grounding Cord and Golden Sun Meditation, your first step on the path to spiritual and psychic development.

Class 1: Grounding Cord and Golden Sun Meditation

Daily Practice Time: 5 to 10 minutes

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Class 1 Golden Sun and Grounding Cord Notes

Grounding is a spiritual tool and the first step on Spiritual Development.

We take a shower everyday but do we clean our energy field daily?

Grounding clears your energy field (which is your body, chakras, and aura).

Our body chakras and aura absorb energy of our environment and people in it. We do this so that we can interact with the world and unconsciously (or consciously) read a situation.

If we do not clean our bio-field every 24 hours we lose our authentic self and are not clear channels for psychic ability or source or even inspiration to flow through us.

“Bonnie’s Grounding Cord and Golden Sun Meditations have Helped me Create a Guided Routine in My Usually UnFocused Day :) I Feel More in Command of Myself Physically, Less Cluttered Mentally, My Third Eye Seems to Be Clearing. I am Taking Back My Spiritual Energy :) I am Looking Forward to Learning More in her Next Class about Running Earth & Cosmic Energy. I Recommend Bonnie to Anyone in Search of a Deeper Spiritual Meaning to their Life.” R. Brown, New Zealand


Learn how to take a daily clearing meditation that is just like a shower and in that it clears your bio-field and then refills your bio-field with the energy you need right now to be successful and happy.

The Grounding Cord is like the dirt going down the drain and the Golden Sun is like a shower of refreshing energy that fills and seals your bio-field.

Once learned this technique can be used for practical application during your day to day activities so that you stay clear. Some practitioners who have worked in the corporate world set their alarm clock to go off every hour and they drop a new grounding cord.

This helps them to stay clear of energy that isn’t necessary and in the flow of success as they are constantly refilling with the Golden Sun.

This class is particularly beneficial to those who have a hard time staying clear like empaths. If you have a tendency to feel and hold onto energy this will be a life saving technique to learn.

This is a mental and emotional healing technique that you learn and it clears your bio-field of mental and emotional illness including anxiety, worry, fear, depression, and addictions. It takes less than 10 minutes a day to practice.

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