Psychic Service: Reading Your Rose

Close up of rainbow rose flower

One of the ways that I love to read is to take the time to look at many sides of a situation so that you can see the bigger picture,This means when I read -After we Introduce yourself I will ask you to say your name three times and I will watch as a beautiful rose is created that is alive with your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

The color of the rose will say something about what is happening in your life and so too will the petals shape, the number and shape of the leaves, and the length and shape of the stem.

Many times, we do not know what is happening in our life and a rose reading helps us to understand the internal and external influences and situations we are in.

Once your rose is formed I will begin to read your Bio-Field through this sacred symbology of the rose.

No two times is a rose the same, for we are constantly shifting.

The length of the stem is a portal into your past lives and I can read them and reveal to you how any unfinished business or out dated programming is affecting your ability to thrive.

If you have another person you want to ask about we can say their name three times and see a rose develop for them.

Once we have both roses we can ask questions and see what they have to say.

Since I am a channel, I can channel their messages to you.

As I look at the rose, I will also be looking at your and their chakras and aura.

If there are problems in the relationship, this is the time when we can look to see if we can move energy, end karma, and bring peace and joy to the relationship through healing open wounds.

If you do not understand what I mean when I say move energy, please let me explain. Everything is energy. A thought is energy. A feeling is energy. Illness is Energy

When you call me not only can I give you a reading but I can also read your energy and move the energy that is keeping you from aligning to your path of Happiness and Joy.

Each session with me causes a change and a shift in your energy field as we remove the energy that no longer serves your highest good and keeps you from moving forward.

That energy could be from someone else (thoughts, feelings, and behaviors) that has gotten trapped in your body, chakras, and aura and affecting your ability to have what you desire.

That energy could be your energy (thoughts, feelings, and behaviors) that is programming within your body, chakras, and aura that no longer serves your highest good and keeping you from having what you desire.

I look forward to helping you on the Joyful Journey!


Psychic Healer Bonnie Jean

I am available from 12pm to 9pm EST.
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What is the Next Step?

Powerful Intelligence

Are you feeling confused and lost in life, unsure of what your next step should be?

Do you have a goal or vision of what you want but are not sure how to achieve it?

Do you lack a goal or vision of your future?

Knowing what the next step to take on your path is important. There are times to act and there are times to relax.

The times we are to act is when nothing is moving for then our action will create and attract opportunities.

Have you ever heard “One Step at a Time Sweet Jesus”, well that is very apprapo when considering what the next steps are.

I bring this up because often the information of what to do next will come from above when we ask the Question to Source.

When we trust in our Higher Power we have a two way conversation in which we ask and the answer comes.

But to hear the answer we have to be open to signs and opportunity, we have to be open to communicating with Spirit either consciously or unconsciously for Divine Guidance to flow through us.

You can call me and ask what the next step is or you can call God.

If you call me, I can look into each of your chakras and read what the next step is that you should be taking to align to having the life you dream of and desire..

For example – when I read your root chakra it will tell me what your next step is in regards to money, survival, and security. when I read your belly button chakra it will tell me what your next step is in regards to emotions and sexuality when I read your solar plexus chakra it will tell me what your next step is in regards to power, ego, compitetion and work. when I read your heart chakra it will tell me what your next step is in regards to family and your own self love/self care when I read your throat chakra it will tell me what your next step in in regards to communicating with the world when I read your forehead chakra it will tell me what you should be focused on or thinking about creating when I read your crown chakra it will tell me what is your next step in regards to your Higher Self and the Higher Power.

As I read your chakras for your next step I will also be clearing out any energy that keeps you from walking your path successfully and in Alignment with Your Higher Power.

If you call God, Miracles Abound, Angels Dance in tune with you, and Laughter is Your Best Medicine.

If I can assist you, please call me

Blessings on a Joyful Journey,

Bonnie Jean

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The Power of I Am

 Sailboat at Sea
As a psychic reader, I read the energy of people, places, and things all day long and I love it.
I have a new netflix movie with each call.
What I have noticed in readings is that those people who say “I am doing xyz” are actually creating their reality and it is readable as an event that is going to occur in their life.
Our events are not all random, rather much of what we think and say shapes our realities.
I have also noticed that those people who say “Am I going to xyz” are actually allowing other people to create their reality and when I read the energy their path what they want is not always present as an event that is going to occur.
If you are saying “I am” you are creating what is going to transpire in your world and that is a very powerful ability that is within you.
I compare this to a sail boat.
If you are saying “I am doing xyz” your sails are up and you are working with the wind (energetic universe) to move in the direction of your choosing.
If you say “Am I going to do xyz” your sails are down and you are at the mercy of the ocean (energetic universe of all beings desires) to bounce you and move you where ever it chooses.
Are you wondering Am I going to get a job?
Stop wondering and start saying “I am landing a great career and I am well compensated”
Say it every day.
Say it every hour.
Say it with love and excitement and confidence.
Doubt will be your undoing.
Know it is going to happen because your Sails are up and you are charting the course of your future.
If you are wondering “Am I going to meet my heart mate soul mate?” Stop wonderfing and start saying “I am in a wonderful relationship with my most compatible romantic soul mate.”
Say it every day.
Say it every hour.
Say it with love and excitement and confidence.
Doubt will be your undoing.
If there is anything that you are wondering about and asking “am I” realize that in order to create the experience you have to embrace your creative ability and state your goal as “I am….”
Raise your sail and take control of your life.
Embrace the power of “I Am”
I hope this Helps you on your Joyful Journey!
Psychic Healer Bonnie Jean
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How do you Know When A Relationship is over?

Young couple break up

1 You’re always the one calling and initiating IMs and texts
If you are reaching and out and no one is reaching back, or they reach back very slowly then you know the relationship is over. When a guy wants you he makes time for you and he reaches out. It is in his nature. It may be challenging, but part of the male DNA is to go after what he wants.
2. They have a new partner
This is a sure sign your significant other has moved on. It is the writing on the wall and means it is time to move on.
3. They tell you it is over
Look, if someone tells you it is over, it generally is. They may tell you it is hard and emotional but the point is that they still want it to be over. Most people do not break up unless they mean it. If you are in a relationship with someone who constantly tells you it is over and then comes back then you are in a dysfunctional relationship and you need to high tail it out of there!
4. They got a new phone number.
If they get a new number and don’t tell you within a few days then the relationship is over. Let’s face it, they have cut the cord that allows for communication in a way that is evasive but effective.
5. Your significant other stops offering to pay and does fewer favors.
You want to do things for those you love for it is human nature. When a heart changes from love to apathy there is less desire for involvement and less desire to do things for the other person. This is a sign that the tide of the relationship is changing and the end is near.
6. Fewer terms of endearment used — by either of you.
If you made it to passionate “I love you” and notice now neither of you are saying it then it is a sign the relationship is over. If you are still saying it with normal frequency and they aren’t, then this could be the beginning of the strokes of truth in which they or you fall out of love.
7. When you do hang out, you choose non-talking activities like watching a movie.
To talk is to express our thoughts and feelings and when we are into someone those thoughts and feelings matter. When it stops mattering we look for activities that put a buffer between direct communication.
8. You want to hang out with other people.
Ugh oh. Another stroke of the Pen on the Wall that says “it’s over”. When you love someone and value someone you want to make time to be with them. A few times a week or a few times a month (depending on distance and schedule) you make time to be with that person. You do it cause it matters, it’s important, and you desire it. When you stop desiring their company you know that you are growing distant. When they stop seeking your company you know they are growing distant.
9 You’re relieved when plans are canceled.
Washing your hair and trimming your toes nails seems more appealing at this point. This is a time when you should be honest with the other person. No longer should you drag out a relationship for you have just written “The End” on the wall yourself.
10 The sex stops. Obvious but true!
The act of touching is sensuous and when we entwine in love there is nothing but intimacy that we crave. We want it frequently for our fire of desire is alive and the flames are hot tongues of sensuous delight. The moment that stops… that is the moment Elvis leaves the building… and you should be exiting as well.
11. When you imagine your future, your significant other is not there.
As a reader, I look to see if they are visualizing a future with you to see how much they are investing, mentally, in a future with you. If someone doesn’t dream of you being there than that is because they don’t plan on it.
If you look out at the future and can’t see them in it, do you really want to be in the relationship? Everyone has an idea of the future and we tend to naturally populate it with images from the present in the people we know. If you aren’t including them in your plans anymore then it is over.
Keep in mind… if someone can’t envision you in their future, they have probably stopped being present now.
12. One of you is cheating. It sounds as obvious as no sex, yet people stay in unfaithful relationships all the time.
Unless you have an agreed upon open relationship, everything else is cheating.

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