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About Me


Hi I am Bonnie Jean and I am so grateful that you have come to see me! We (myself and my Spirit Guides) are Here to Humbly Help to Heal Those Who Can Heal Their World.

When you get a psychic reading from me, you are choosing to Heal Your World. Working together throughout your reading, we will accomplish healing through providing you accurate information to give you mental clarity of your situation, emotional peace, and an energetic healing of your body, chakras, and aura.

An energetic Healing is when we move energy that is not yours and no longer serves your highest good and energy that is yours that no longer serves your highest good out of your body, Chakras, and aura.

Energy that is not yours is what makes you ill, sad, depressed, unsettled, and restless.

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Bonnie Jean holds recharge and clearing space for Lightworkers who need an energy check or energy work.

Bonnie Jean has 43 Yrs experience in the Metaphysical. Bonnie Jean was born a functioning clairvoyant and clairaudient.

In addition, Bonnie Jean is a medium and speaks with Ascended Masters, Angels and Spirit Guides during your session. Bonnie Jean is an energy reader and an energy mover. This means that during the reading she will be feeling your energy for connections to people, places, and things and then reading the thoughts and emotions of the situation.

During a session she may uncover either mental, physical, or emotional blocks that effect your path to happiness. Many times, through the use of Kundalini Reiki, Bonnie Jean will begin the healing process of removing the blocks.

Bonnie Jean’s Spirit Guide Antak assists during psychic readings, helping the client healing process. Antak is a Spirit Guide trained on the Astral as a Healer and Auric Surgeon.

Bonnie Jean helps clients get in touch with God. Bonnie Jean enthusiastically facilitates healing meditations with you, connecting you with the Supreme Being.

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