Psychic Readings: Channeling Angel Pathiel Messages

Psychic Readings
Psychic Readings

Each week I work with Different Angels and we channel messages through Psychic Readings.

Today I am asking the Angel Pathiel to assist me during readings as I channel.

Psychic Readings: How Can Angel Pathiel Assist You?

According to The Encyclopedia of Angels, Spirit Guides, and Ascended Masters. Here is how Pathiel Can Assist you!

  • Open the Gates of Abundance
  • Overcome Stupidity
  • Find Lost Objects
  • Understand Assembly Directions
  • Straighten out Computer Glitches
  • Follow Directions
  • Take Exams

How to Invoke Pathiel Yourself:


If you would like to explore the Paranormal and invite Angel Pathiel into your life yourself you can do the following

  • His favorite color is yellow, wear it or carry it.
  • You can say the prayer 3 x’s while holding the item or before going out to start your day.
    • The Light of Angel Pathiel surrounds me
    • The Love of Angel Pathiel enfolds me
    • The Power of Angel Pathiel Protects me
    • The Presence of Angel Pathiel Watches over me
    • Where ever I am Angel Pathiel Is.
  • Go to a quiet space and Ask for his assistance by writing your request on a yellow legal pad or lighting a yellow candle.
    • He loves to help people so just ask for his favor
    • VISUALIZE – After you have asked, Imagine your answers easily flowing out of a beautiful cornucopia.
  • Create a Manifestation Space
    • Buy a cornucopia at a local craft store and place it somewhere it wont be disturbed.
    • Decorate it with flowers and words like: Abundance freedom happiness joy ease. Include any symbols you like.
      • Write your requests on slips of paper and place them inside  and then call upon Angel Pathiel
        • Know your prayers will be answered.

During the Psychic Readings I can get his assistance on your behalf.

Pathiesl name means The Opener

He can open a persons heart, the gates of heaven, the cornucopia of blessings, or the doorway to hell.

This means if you are in a relationship with someone whose heart is closed, Pathiel may be able to assist in opening their heart or opening opportunity for you.

He is very useful when evoked against forgetting and stupidity. Since Pathiel helps overcome stupidity, imagine what would happen if everyone took a few minutes to pray each day and to ask him to work with our world leaders.

Pathiel will elevate even the most mundane goals to a spiritual level.

He can enhance your creativity and bring divine inspiration to every aspect of life. Call upon him when you want things to go more smoothly. When you are having trouble with your computer or have to assemble something.

Pathiel can make the whole process a lot easier.

What are your deepest dreams and desires?

Pathiel will help you manifest them. Never think that any of your dreams are stupid, you wouldn’t have them if you weren’t able to make them come true.

Please book a Psychic Reading Today with me if you would like to have a reading from Angel Pathiel.

I can act as a channel for his message which will open doors for you to greater happiness.


Psychic Healer Bonnie Jean

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